Get the service of slide-car whenever someone wants

Slide car is a service that is given by the towing service company. This slide-car is mainly used for car, not for heavy vehicles. This is very useful when the car got crashed or breakdown. In such situation the car can’t even move an inch. So, in such cases the slide car will pick the car and then put it on the flatbed area. And, then will drop the car wherever the client wants. This is very useful because slide-car doesn’t put any more scratches or damage the car.

The car is drooped to drop location very smoothly. And most of the towing service provider Slide car 24 hours [รถสไลด์24ชั่วโมง, which is the term in Thai] for their clients. So, that their client can call them anytime for their service whenever they need. And it is very useful for every people who stuck in some difficult situations.

Towing truck the carrier of the breakdown car

The breakdown car is carried by the Towing truck [รถยกรถเสีย, which is the term in Thai]. The towing truck is responsible for each and every type of towing. The towing truck carries the car and drops to their client’s desired location. Every towing service needs to have a towing truck in its portfolio. Without the towing truck the service of towing companies can’t work. So, it is necessary to have a towing truck to work in towing industry.

Towing service work very hard to help their clients

Towing service is very helpful and works very hard day and night to satisfy their clients. Because they work for 24×7 so, it is very difficult for them for net getting tired. But still, they work very hard in order to help their client in each and every possible way.

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