Maintain the car properly in order to get the best value:

If someone wants a good value for their car in car pledging then the car must be well maintained. If the car is well maintained and in a good running condition then in some case the customer can get more than they think. That is why maintaining the car for Car pledge [รับจำนำรถจอด, which is the term in Thai] is very necessary. By doing that the agent will give the best value of the car. And the owner will get satisfied by the price.

Because there are cases occurred when the customer blamed the agent for not giving right value of their car. If the car is not well maintained and not in running position. Then how will the agent give a good value for the car? So, getting the best value for the car is also a customer responsibility too.

The owner can pay a visit to check the car

The owner anytime can pay a visit to check their car. To see if the car is fine or not. Because after a certain time of period the customer will get back their car. And if the car is not fine then it’s company’s fault. Because the company didn’t care about the owner’s car. And after returning the amount the customer got a malfunctioned car. That is why for a transparency concern customer can pay visit anytime to check their car. But every car pledge company always park the car safe and sound.

The company matters a lot

In this field, the reputation of any company matters. So, always go with such companies who have in this business for many years. Because only these companies are trustworthy. And they will give their client the best value for their car.

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