Founded for over 150 years ago, the Bfgoodrich tyre brand is still one of the most strongest, durable, and reliable automobile tyres across the globe.

Initially functioning under the Goodrich cooperation for about 118 years, by founder Benjamin Goodrich, it was later bought by the French tyre company Michelin in 1988.

These tyre brands has had a good pedigree in robust and radial tire making, been the direct manufacturers of the very first car to cross the United States. Also not forgetting the achievement in producing the first tubeless tyres ever known, thereby earmarking it’s solidity as well as it’s integrity that has lasted for well over a century.


BFGoodrich, like so many other tyre brands out there, possesses its own unique designs and identity. The treadings of it’s powerful rubber appears to be constantly complex with the white lettering on the side walls giving it a facade of modesty to it’s already tough and rugged outlook.

How does a tyre sool rugged-looking still somehow achieves total comfort for drivers and passengers alike while still able to easily absorb road bump pressure?

These questions still lingers overtime, and it has been deemed rhetorical.


Made for the sake of power, grit, and endurance, the BFGoodrich tyre companies inevitably expanded their thoughts and innovation to giving larger vehicles like light trucks, utility vehicles (and even airplanes) a taste of this commendable technology, which has been improving in tenacity and grip over the years.

Furthermore, these brands has been tried and tested for off-road tracks and terrains in which it passes, seamlessly snaking through the muddy terrains and more harsher road conditions.

No wonder they are signified for their excellent performances in racing environments which began as far back as 1914, and more doesn’t need to be said about it’s healthy and prestigious history of victory records ever since.


Scrolling through the web pages of your favorite tyre shop, you’ll be equally excited to find out that you also can get your own BFGoodrich tyres with Dubai Tyre Shop.

It is one of the most used tyres in Dubai, so you won’t get lost trying to test out these gentle beasts with BFGoodrich Tyres at Dubaityreshop

Still on the page, you will notice they are present in various styles, sizes, and price ranges. From SUVs to muscle cars, they are able to wheel a good number of car brands while been comfortable skidding through any natural terrains, including muddy tracks.


There is a detailed description of measurements, year of manufacure and vehicle type.

From the width to the heights and rim size, important dimensions are vastly available to suit your preference when shopping for admittedly, one of the best tryes in the UAE.

You can also check out the variants that matches equally with the speed and load bearing of your vehicle while putting your rim size into consideration.

This will as a result, bring about the maximum comfort and satisfaction of you and your passengers alike. There is also room for free tyre fittings and another for reliable refund policies.

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