Difference Between Third-Party Insurance And All-Risk Insurance

Have you bought a car and do not know what insurance to do? Whether it is a new or second-hand one, all drivers must take out car insurance and, here comes the big question: does third-party insurance or that offers full-risk coverage with a franchise? And how about no franchise?

Third-Party Insurance, What To Do, And What Are The Coverages?

Are you wondering if third party insurance will be enough? What does it cover? Indeed, the basic coverage of civil liability in car pledge (จํานํารถ, which is the term in Thai) is essential to comply with the law.

However, at present, proper third-party insurance offers you more coverage:

  • Civil liability for a vehicle fire
  • Travel assistance from km 0
  • Defenses and damage claim, including fines management and recovery of driver’s license points
  • Damage caused by hunting animals and game animals that may collide with the vehicle

If you hire third-party insurance you can add other optional coverage:

  • Compensation for card withdrawal
  • Breakage of tinted windows
  • Extension of fees for a free choice lawyer for legal defense and claim of damages
  • Traffic sanctions location service

All-Risk Insurance: Coverage

If you choose full-risk car insurance, you will enjoy the coverage of extended third-party insurance plus your damage coverage, which will protect you against any damage your car may suffer, including tires. Also, you can include other optional:

  • Own damage, extended, including damage to luggage and personal belongings
  • Extension of the compensation value for total loss, guaranteeing the value again until the third year
  • Expanded theft and fire coverage, also covering luggage and personal items that may be stolen from your car

All-risk car insurance has the particularity of offering its damage coverage with or without franchise. What does it mean? If it is franchised, the insurance takes care of the damages of the vehicle from a certain amount established: the franchise.

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