The 3 Stages Of Car Transport By Truck Flatbed

How does it work? Car transport by flatbed truck is carried out in 3 stages: removal, transfer, and delivery. For what types of vehicles? A private vehicle, a professional vehicle, a luxury car, and a vintage car can travel on a flatbed truck.

First of all, you have to go to the sites of the delivery companies to fill out a form with:

  • The type of vehicle
  • The departure city
  • The town of destination
  • The preferential delivery time
  • The coordinates of the vehicle owner
  • The coordinates of the person receiving the vehicle

Once these data have been entered, the 3 stages of this service are defined beforehand with the freight company.

The Removal Of The Vehicle: Your car is loaded on the flatbed truck leaving for his trip. Some forwarding companies offer sheeted trucks for better protection of your vehicle for prestige vehicles, collectibles, or significant financial value.

The Transport Of The Vehicle: Your car loaded on the trailer truck (รถลาก which is the term in Thai)  is on its way to reaching its destination point by following a planned route.

The Delivery: Your car has arrived at your destination. The recipient only has to take possession. The advantage of this mode of transport is that your vehicle does not take extra kilometers.

The 2 Methods Of Transport By Flatbed Truck

According to the transit companies, the flatbed car transport service comes in 2 different ways:

Transportation between logistics centers by certain charter companies that are points of deposit and receipt of cars. You choose the center closest to you and the one closest to the destination and finally the date on which you want to leave your vehicle.

To determine the filing date of your automobile, you must consider:

  • The duration of the transport
  • The time to recover the precious good in the arrival center, which is more or less 48 hours

 You can have peace of mind because your vehicle is stored in these centers, which are secure platforms.

Transport between 2 addresses of your choice, when you order, you indicate the address of departure (home, work) and the delivery address. Thus, the carrier takes charge of your car to the exact address of departure to deliver it to the destination detailed address and in person from the sender to the recipient.

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