How KENT CamEye Acts As a Useful Device for Driving Instructors

Driving lessons are something that almost everyone takes once in their lifetime and it is now becoming really progressive to a have a dash cam in driving instructor’s vehicle. A car camera in India for such a vehicle is not that popular but yet again this should be used to ensure the safety of the learner & road but also as a teaching aid for driving class lessons. 

Needless to say, to use such a device for driving instruction lessons the device should fulfil certain requirements. The first and the foremost requirement from such a device are to have a direct connect to the smartphone, so that the instructor could see the previous data of the drive and could see the areas of improvement for the learner. This will help the instructor in telling the student what he did wrong and how to improve. Also, with such a device the driving company can keep a check on the instructor as well as on the student. They can see what all is discussed between the student and the instructor and also helps in tracking the car.

It is even helpful for the instructor when picking up a new student from an unknown or unfamiliar place. It is always a level of nervousness for an instructor when it comes to how will the new student behaves and what will his attitude be. The front and the rear cameras help the instructor with a peace of mind as everything is recorded and if there is anything unpleasant happening in the car will be recorded in no time. 

Also, a device should have a big storage capacity, since instructors have to take various trips and if the device will small storage capacity will be there, it would get difficult to keep trip data for long. 

A very few car cameras in India can offer such configurations and one of the best in the league is KENT CamEye. This device has front and rear camera system.

KENT CamEye is a next-gen car security device that use dual cameras to record everything happening inside and outside the car, and also allows live video streaming of either camera, from anywhere in the world. It acts as a real-time GPS vehicle tracker for the vehicle, and playback the route travelled by car on a map.

The device can help you control engine idling, over speeding, detours and much more. It has alerts on mobile feature that lets you know if in case any of the parameters like speed, engine idling, unplugging of device etc. is breached.  

The essential features of KENT CamEye are: 

Live Video Streaming: It allows users to watch inside or outside view of car, when the car is in motion or parked.

GPS Tracking with Route Playback: It offers real-time location tracking of vehicle along with playback of route travelled by car on the map

Audio-video Recording on Cloud: The device records both views of the car, when the car is in motion & uploads on a real-time basis on secure cloud storage (up to 90 days) via 4G connectivity 

Artificial Intelligence based Features: KENT CamEye has face recognition technology to identify the person behind the wheels. It also captures the face of passengers

Alert History:  KENT CamEye displays the number of alerts generated on particular day by selected device. It offers alert details mentioning the type of violation along with timing and margin of breach against set parameters. 

Cloud Storage: The device has cloud storage facility and offers cloud storage of all trips (including video) on real- time basis along with local storage. In case of loss/theft of device, trip data can be seamlessly retrieved from cloud.

This GPS tracker in India is available for Rs.17, 999 with 3 months free subscription. To book a demo, visit us at – or call our Customer Service assistant at +91-9582612345.

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