Types of Auto Glass for Windshields

The glasses we have in our windows are completely different from the glass which is used in the windshields of automobiles. You must’ve noticed when the glass in our window breaks, it shatters into many small pieces. The glass in cars does not break that way. The impact is concentrated in a single spot.

The auto glass comes in two types. One is tempered, and the other is laminated. The front door and rear door windows are tempered glass, the front and back windshield is made from laminated glass. 

Auto glass replacement options that you can consider.

There are three types of glasses, which are used as a replacement of the windshield.

  • Dealer glass
  • Aftermarket glass
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer glass

Dealer glass – This type of glass is purchased from the auto dealership company, which is authorized by the vehicle manufacturer. They are responsible for the servicing of the vehicle. The quality of the dealer is just like the Original Equipment manufacturer glass. It is installed when your car is brand new. 

OEM – These are certified parts produced by the auto dealership, which is authorized by the vehicle manufacturer. The OEM material will be the same as the dealer glass. The OEM glass looks premium and gives the vehicle a new look. It makes no difference in installing a glass of other brands as long as it comes from an official dealership. 

Aftermarket Glass – The aftermarket glass is made by companies that are in contract with the car manufacturer for this sole purpose. The specifications of aftermarket glass are the same as of the Dealer glass and the OEM glass. The aftermarket glass is cheaper in comparison to the other two. It even carries the same guarantee which the dealer glass and the OEM glass give. The thickness is mostly identical. People on a low budget tend to get the aftermarket glass. 

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