How to Choose Car Seat Covers that Match Your Car’s Interiors

Choosing your Mercedes seat covers can either make or break the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. There are a number of materials to consider, with leather still being a top-notch option.

Leather and leatherette

Leather is definitely your choice as a material for seat covers if you want to make your car look and feel more luxurious. However, the color choices for genuine leather can be limited. Most manufacturers only offer black or brown, with a handful offering two-tone designs for leatherettes.

Leather, with proper care, can last a long time, though. Because it does not absorb moisture as fast as the fabric does, it is less susceptible to stains caused by spills. It is generally easy to clean, although it is not the optimal material for countries with long summers as it can make your car even hotter.

Leatherette could offer the same feel for a quarter of the price. However, faux leather is more susceptible to moisture. It tends to crack when the moisture and temperature of your car’s interiors change too drastically.


If you are on a budget, there are also plenty of fabric Mercedes seat covers to choose from. Ballistic nylon offers your car seats UV protection. It’s reasonably priced, water-resistant and extremely durable. However, it offers very little in terms of comfort, so Mercedes owners who have bought their cars for luxury think twice before choosing this material.

Neoprene (which is basically the same material used for scuba diving suits) is a very good option for sporty or outdoorsy Mercedes owners. This is because it is water-resistant and easy to clean. So if you like horseback riding, for example, or you bring our Mercedes for your camps out, Neoprene is a fuss-free option. The only disadvantage is that it does not allow the car seat to breathe well. Much like leather and leatherette, this material can make your car too hot.

If you live in a colder country, you might also want to try sheepskin. In terms of comfort, this material takes the cake. It is also very luxurious. However, it is one of the priciest options, could be difficult to clean, and is definitely not an option for hotter countries.

Customized vs. Compatible

Customized or fitted Mercedes seat covers are expensive, but with the right choice of material, it could be a worthy investment. Some car owners swear by the ability of customized car seat covers to raise the resale value of vehicles.

There are also generic car seat covers that could be adjusted with strings and layering schemes. Some seat covers are compatible with 3-4 models, depending on the flexibility of the cut. While these are cheaper than customized seat covers, they can be harder to install. If a string or velcro comes loose, it can make your car’s interiors look a bit sloppy.

Color schemes

It is important to choose the right color schemes for your Mercedes seat covers. It’s very easy to just go wild and express yourself while shopping for your seat covers but one must always take into consideration the total look of the car. Check to see if the interiors of your car blend well with your car seat covers.

Bright seat covers generally look horrible on bright-colored cars, so you might want to stick to more neutral, monochromatic choices just to keep your car classy. If you want a pop of color in your interiors, choose two-tone designs. The black can make even neon pink or green sophisticated, depending on how well it blends with the rest of your car’s interiors.

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