Tips to Care for Your Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission has a great advantage that it is very easy and relaxed to drive. This means that you no longer have to concentrate on switching, especially in urban traffic. But who believes that it has done with the simple adjustment of the gearshift lever to D, is unfortunately mistaken. You should also pay attention to a few details to improve your driving experience and the running time of your transmission.

Pay attention to the stationary gas

Our first point is more or less a warning. Cars equipped with an automatic transmission have a so-called stationary gas. This means that the car will start rolling slowly when the engine is on and the gear shift D is in and you take the foot off the brake. In order to prevent unwanted rolling away, most automatic cars can therefore only be started when they hit the brakes.

Expect to have to brake harder

With an automatic, you are definitely more relaxed on the road, as you do not have to worry about the gear changes yourself. However, the automatic also uses less of the braking force of the engine, which may cause you to have to brake a bit more than usual.

Watch out downhill for the right gear

As soon as you roll downhill, the car will become faster and the automatic will take a higher gear. However, if you want to use the braking force of the engine – as with the manual transmission – you can switch down yourself in manual mode. In this way, they prevent the car from accelerating further and further, and less braking force is needed to slow down or stop the car. Also, you need to be very careful when hot weather, it is undesirable to sharply put pressure on the gas pedal to prevent transmission slipping when hot weather, find some good tips on the website. Drive your car smoothly and your transmission will always be in good condition.

Pay attention to curves

In a car with a manual transmission, you usually brake before a curve and switch down to be able to accelerate again at the end of the curve. The purpose of the automatic is to take this work away from you. However, you may need to brake a little earlier than usual for the automatic to complete the shift before you enter the curve. Depending on how sharp the curve is, it can be very important to observe this process with an automatic transmission so that there are no accidents.

What to do with smoothness?

Especially in Winter, the automatic has its advantages. They allow you to dose the power of the engine very sensitively and thus often prevent difficulties when starting up. If you still have problems getting rid of on a smooth road, you can manually shift to a higher gear to improve traction. Some modern vehicles even have a special winter driving program, which can be activated at the touch of a button.

Avoid braking with your left foot

Those who are traveling with an automatic for the first time tend to brake with their left foot. However, we strongly advise against this. With the right foot, the pedal can be operated much more controlled. In addition, there is a risk that in dangerous situations you try to operate the “clutch” and accidentally initiate an emergency braking. Automatic transmission makes driving more comfortable. Nevertheless, you should consider these basics to be safe on the road. If there are technical problems with the gearbox, you can make a repair request on Autobutler and receive up to 3 offers from workshops in your area.

Repair or replacement of the transmission?

The transmission is an important component of the car, but usually only receives attention when it does not work properly – and then it becomes expensive. Should the gearbox be better repaired or replaced in case of damage? This depends above all on the age of the vehicle, because an exchange often costs several thousand euros, whereby this exceeds the residual value, especially for older vehicles. Therefore, the cheaper alternative is to have the gearbox repaired and defective parts replaced.

The repair of the transmission is a very expensive repair because the components are very complex and the workshop has to schedule many working hours for it. The causes of errors in a non-functioning gearbox can vary greatly, which is why it is generally not possible to provide precise information about the prices of a repair. This is why it is worth comparing workshop prices and offers before you visit a workshop.

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