Why Your Next Car Should Be A Mini Cooper

It seems every motorist on the road today has an opinion on Mini Coopers. The ardent adoration that fans of the Mini Cooper have for their cars can be a little overwhelming for any new enthusiasts. However, where the Mini Cooper is concerned, who can blame them, as they may be small cars, but there’s a lot to love. 

These classic cars have been massively updated in recent years, becoming one of the sleekest and speediest British-made vehicles on the market. If you’ve been put off by Cooper culture, it’s time to rethink that decision, as we dive into some of the best parts about owning a Mini. This post details 3 reasons why your next car has to be a Mini Cooper…

Rich History 

The Mini Cooper was made specifically for thrills and glory. No, really; in 1959 when Cooper Car Company heir John Cooper first drove the Classic Mini, he couldn’t get over its racing potential. With the addition of a more powerful engine, effective braking and masterful steering, he knew the Mini would be unbeatable. By 1961, Cooper Cars had partnered with Mini, and the rest is history. It seems a simple story for such a celebrated vehicle, but that’s how this dinky little car went on to become a giant in the racing world. Today’s Mini Coopers still carry this speed-loving legacy in the phenomenal way they handle and their surprising power.  

Iconic Design 

The Mini Cooper has one of the most recognisable appearances of any car on the road. While modern Mini’s are a little bigger than their classic counterparts, the exterior design has remained largely unchanged for over half a century. Well, on the surface that is, as with the turn of the millennium Mini stepped their game up, turning the Cooper into one of the most customisable cars on the market. This still rings true, with anyone interested in purchasing a Mini Cooper being given one of the largest selections of customisations in the modern car market. This means your new Mini Cooper will be personalised exactly to your budget, aesthetics, and the way you like to drive. 

Superior Driving 

With such a sublime racing heritage, it’s no surprise that the Mini Cooper is a highly rewarding car to drive. With engineering from BMW, reliability and comfort are expertly coupled with speed and power. If you’re looking for fast and furious racing, the JCW GP is the most powerful Mini ever produced. On the other hand, the Cooper 2020 Countryman and 2021 Clubman in the JCW ALL4 variants can do 0-60 in just over 4 seconds. For long-distance driving, however, the stylish Mini Cooper interior is very accommodating. With all the creature comforts you’d expect, such as the micron air filter, and dashboard infotainment system, the Cooper makes even the most tedious of long drives enjoyable. 

Want to Win a Mini Cooper? 

Ready to make the move to Minis? You’re in luck!  You can win a mini cooper online – find out more and be sure to check back soon for more.

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