Which bike is the best value for money in 2019?

Indian FTR 1200

This is one of the Indian motorbike brands that were developed in the year 2013 although it has now been advanced to fit the modern terrain and suitability. The bike is driven by an outstanding 1203cc twin engine which gives out ultimate performance by steering the machine which weighs up to 500lb in weight. It also consists of a monoshock rear suspension which can be adjusted suitably and a well fitted and inverted front fork. The FTR 1200 is a development of the FTR 750 which is also a perfect racer hence its development brings out the ultimate sporty FTR.

Honda CB300R

This can be described as on the smaller size sporting bikes that is driven by a 300cc engine. The bike can also perfectly serve other daily purposes such as long and even short distance commuting services and the performance is ultimate. The bike is well modelled with a more upright riding posture well suited for the rider and ell equipped. The bike outlook is ultimate even seems more expensive as compared to its real value and still not that heavy for a bike of its calibre weighing up to 300pounds. The bike also consists of the modern ABC braking system model hence very reliable.

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Suzuki SV650X

This is one of the most popular Suzuki brand bikes that are recognized for its ultimate performance in the market today. The bikes are well equipped and reliable to nit only professional riders but can also be safe to be ridden by new riders. The bike is driven by a tin 649cc great suspension engine and also consists of the most recent breaking system. The 650X is more valuable than its original 650 which is developed to bring out the outstanding machine.

Yamaha FZ S V3.0

The Yamaha FZ S Version 3.0 is the more premium version of the Yamaha FZ V 3.0. It however has some minor changes that it is in its glossy appearance and also some selected parts. It has got an improved engine tuning give it better performance. The Yamaha FZ S V 3.0n also gets along with an LED headlight, a single stepped seat, and also not forgetting the single channel ABS and this play along with the black lit instrument panel. This brank of a motorbike is also available in a choice of three different colours. The colours include; Matt Black, Dark Matt Blue and Grey and Cyan Blue.

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Bajaj Pulsar 150

This is among the most popular range of bikes coming from the two wheeler manufacturer and thus it is growing in terms of sales and easily available motorcycle spares. It is therefore one of the models which is a prominent choice in the 150cc segment. There are many features to which attribute to the success of the Baja Pulsar 150. These factors include; its ample power, the sporty design, its impressive fuel economy and the lucrative pricing attribute. This model has only a few cosmetic changes which are new colours, new decals, and new faux carbon fibre which finish on plastic bits and a matte finish for the engine. The exhaust advancing to its best gives it best performance.

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