Things you have NOT BEEN TOLD About Car Pledge

If you think you are completely aware of the concept of car pledging and you are going ahead with Motorcycle Pledge [จำนำมอไซค์, which is the term in Thai]in a couple of days, maybe it’s time for you to hold your horses. What if we say you do not have hundred percent information about it, despite the time you have put into researching about the concept?

No doubt car pledging is a fantastic concept for those with cars and in need of instant financial support, but there are some things which are negative about this concept and thus, you must become aware of the same before you go ahead.

Wondering what are the things you have never been told about car pledging?

Firstly, you can never use your bad condition car to get the loan you are expecting from the company. Just like a bank does not give you any loan against a non-working car, so doesn’t a company that’s into car pledging. You need to be more aware of this fact because if your car does not meet the requirements of the car pledging company, you might get disappointed at the end of the day.

Secondly, you can never get a huge amount of money from the car pledging concept. If you are assuming to get a huge amount from the car you are ready to pledge at a specific company, be prepared to get sad about it. In the end, the amount will get negotiated (that too only if the company is into negotiations) and you will be receiving what the company thinks is right for your car.

Lastly, there are chances you might not only lose the car, but also the installments you have paid to the company, in case you are unable to clear the entire loan.

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