Safety Technologies Used in Latest Mazda Cars

Mazda has been a leading name in the automotive industry. It is a brand that got known across the globe and to all car lovers for its hefty contributions to the industry in terms of innovative ideas, be it in terms of design or in terms of technology features. In other words, Mazda has its factories equipped enough to release not only new models of vehicles, but also newer technological concepts and products that are considered as iconic in the circle of automotive professionals.

When we asked the well known Mazda dealer serving Tempe and Phoenix, regarding how Mazda addresses the car safety issues, they were all on their feet to describe us in detail, about all the current safety technologies that are conceptualized, materialized and used by Mazda through its own vehicles, while showing a way to the other auto manufacturers, how to ensure a safe drive.

Concept of Mazda I-ACTIVSENSE

When you browse the Mazda production list of technologies, the name I-ACTIVSENSE will appear in bold. At any Mazda office, you will find it as a term that stands for a bunch of advanced technologies that are used to ensure safety when a Mazda vehicle is moving on the road. The concept of I-ACTIVSENSE is not only to protect the people who are inside the said Mazda car, but also for the people, living beings and properties that are around it.

The role of Mazda’s I-ACTIVSENSE includes an entire gamut of functionalities, that start with the detection of trouble and ends with preventing its effect on the people as much as possible. The system of Mazda’s I-ACTIVSENSE is based on a strong philosophy, where the cause of collision is considered as the result of lack of information, both in terms of visibility and predictability. So, Mazda decided to end this issue by increasing the level of visibility as well as the increase in the chances of predictability through the technological devices that will work on the basis of cameras, sensors and radars.

Mazda’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

The other system innovated by Mazda to prevent road accidents, is the Intelligent Transport Systems or the ITS, as they call it. The Intelligent Transport Systems is meant to detect all the probable and upcoming troubles like tremendous traffic congestion, the drive speed in which the car is moving, the proximity of a car that is either ahead of your car, or when it is following you, the movement of a pedestrian or an animal anywhere near the car, when it is about to start, or is already moving. The technology features are also meant to let the driver see the scenario near the blind spots through the cameras and the display unit, since those spots cannot be reached by the naked eyes.

At the same Tempe and Phoenix Mazda dealership, the team of mechanics explained to us that all this technologies that are working towards a future of collision free drive, are now being developed on the basis of telecommunication technologies, so that relevant and important information can reach all those people who are sitting behind the wheels, managing them and allow them ample time to take the right driving decisions.

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