Mazda Uses These Interesting Technologies to Ensure Car Safety

Mazda is a brand name that has always led the industry of automotive with innovative ideas, in every aspect that could make a difference in human life. Safety being the topmost priority in the making of a vehicle needed constant improvement to reduce the risk of collisions and life loss. Last few years Mazda has contributed with some advanced and innovative solutions in making every vehicle a safer one than ever before. When we wanted to know the latest advancements that Mazda has implemented in its models to ensure safety, the Moreno Valley Mazda dealer staff furnished us with the following information. Apart from being assured, that driving a Mazda will be always a safer option for all, we also found each of these technologies to be quite interesting as well as intriguing.

The Mazda stafftook pride in explaining that the basic philosophy of safety that Mazda takes a wholesome approach towards safety that will not only make the vehicles better, but also the roads the overall infrastructure, and mainly, the people.


i-ACTIVSENSE is the term that Mazda uses for covering a series of advanced safety technologies in its vehicles. It also refers to the list of detection devices that work together to let the driver know in advance, what is lying ahead on its way, as well as on the blind spots. All this have already proved themselves effective enough in averting the probable collisions as well as reducing the severity of impact in case the collision becomes inevitable.

Intelligent Transport Systems ITS

Intelligent Transport Systems or ITS is meant to reduce the number of accidents that take place in the traffic itself. It I a system that is engineered to detect the probability of traffic congestion with the help of telecommunication technologies, that will receive and transmit information on all relevant things, like the pedestrians, condition of roads, and number of other vehicles. To make the ITS work to its optimum level, Mazda has collaborated with the government, the local communities in every area, and all thecompanies that are related with road safety.

Impact-Absorbing Bonnet and Bumpers

One of the most interesting ways in which Mazda prevents its vehicles to be least affected by collision is the Impact Absorption Bonnet and Bumper. These parts are made to mitigate the impact on a pedestrian, by protecting his head, in the fateful moment of an accident.These special bonnets and bumpers are designed to get automatically activated when the vehicle is driving in a particular speed range.Thesystem makes the rear end of the bonnet automatically pop up when there is a need to reduce the impact of a gruesome collision. It is done by creating a space between the bonnet and the engine, that can absorb the shock.

Materials Used

For this Mazda also makes good use of Energy absorption materials so that they don’t hurt the pedestrians hard on their head or knees. Moreover, stiffening reinforcement is applied at the bottom of the bumper in order to protect the pedestrian’s leg from entering beneath the vehicle.

There are many more to be added to the list. So, if you are curious to know them all, get in touch with the Mazda dealer Moreno Valley.

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