How much does it cost to have a car towed if I call a towing company?

Calling a tow truck probably isn’t something you had in mind, and it may not be something you particularly enjoy. The first question might be how much it will cost to fix your car. Every towing operation is different and it can be difficult to get an accurate price prior to towing.

You might picture three dollar signs.

If your auto insurance policy includes roadside assistance, towing can be absolutely free! For this reason, our experts always recommend roadside assistance when creating our car insurance quotes. .By including this type of coverage in your policy, you can ultimately save time and money in a difficult situation. Here’s an idea of ​​the average cost of a trailer, the cost per kilometer and why the trailer is as expensive as it is.

How much does it cost to tow my car?

The cost of towing a car depends on how far you want the car to go, but the average cost of a trailer is around $109. However, the cost of a trailer can depend on your location and your car. Towing your car can cost anywhere from $75 to $125.

According to towing cost estimator, the following are typical rates based on distance: 

  • $35 – $125 for up to 5 miles 
  • $125 – $275 for up to 40 miles

Costs may increase if you tow your car overnight need to let weekend or holiday. The same applies if the terrain is difficult, e.g. when you are in the mountains on narrow, winding roads.

If the car is stuck in a ditch or in the mud, the cost can be $50-$250 per hour due to the need for a winch.

Also remember that a standard trailer costs less than towing a car due to towing Car from Scene of Accident Usually Costs More 

To avoid this hassle, you can purchase a membership for as little as $52-$144 a year and have your vehicle towed up to 100 miles. Memberships can also be purchased from other roadside assistance companies.

Most companies also offer additional services as part of this membership, e.g. For example, breakdown repairs, gas refueling and jump starting.

What affects the cost of a trailer?

Most towing companies charge a base or connection fee, and then add a per-mile fee on top. Cost Helper reports that the connection fee could range from $35 to $100 and the per mile fee could range from $2.50 to $5 for exact cost use towing cost calculator

However, some towing companies include the first five to seven miles in their base rates. Another thing to consider is that your state government may have set a limit on how much a company can charge for a tow. So if you think the prices they are offering you are outrageous then you should definitely check it out.

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