Foundation is the best thing for the face:

Foundation is an important aspect of the makeup. Without foundation, no makeup can be applied on the face smoothly. And, even it is applied then it will not last long. So, that is why it is necessary to use the foundation for makeup. The foundation helps in hiding the imperfection of the face. It helps in managing the skin tone. And, foundation is the thing that helps in managing all these things. With the help of foundation, the highlighters and other products can be applied smoothly on the face.

So, always use the foundation before applying the makeup. Because not everything can be hidden through the makeup. It requires some treatment. And, the foundation is the solution for all the imperfection. With foundation the makeup will match the skin tone. And, then apply all the beauty products. So, all the products can work efficiently.

Use oil control foundation for better makeup

If someone has an oily face then they should use the Oil Control Foundation [รองพื้น คุม มัน, which is the term in Thai]. With the help of this foundation the oily face can be controlled. Because with oily face no makeup can last long. But with the help of oil control foundation the makeup will last longer. And, it can help prevent the face from being oily. So, people should use the oil control foundation for makeup. But only if someone has the oily face otherwise not.

Do not use toxic products  

In many products, companies use some toxic products. But those products are made some cheap companies. So, it is better to avoid those toxic products. And, it is also needed for the people to read all the ingredients that are being used in the product.

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