Few Important Questions Regarding Car Shipping and Their Answer

In this modern time, you can find many different kinds of auto shipping companies who are engaged in transporting your vehicle from certain location to some other city or country in a very convenient and easy manner. 

All these companies will take full responsibility about your car during the shipping process. If you are looking for any such Illinois auto shipping then you may choose a company like Ship a Car, Inc. who can deliver superior shipping service for relocating your vehicles.

In order to understand their working, here we are providing answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

  • How much advance notice will most auto shipping company will need?

Usually, this is a very competitive market and most car transporters may try to be more flexible and also accommodating to their customer’s need. However, your best time should be no less than a week and also not more than a month.

  • Will all car movers include the insurance charges also in their estimates?

Usually, most of these vehicle transporters will include some amount of insurance charges in their price quote, but to be safe you must specifically ask about how much they have insured and in case they are ready to offer more insurance by paying higher price, you may buy separate insurance too for your vehicle.

  • What will be the case if you want to ship very expensive or a classic car?

There are a number of auto shippers available in the market who will be ready to provide completely enclosed trailers while shipping your classic cars for a better protection. You may have to pay higher price for getting this kind of service and also arrange for extra protection of your classic car.

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  • Is it necessary that my car must be in proper working condition?

It may vary from transporter to transporter. There are few auto transporters will be ready to accept your car which is not in running condition but most others may not. You need to ensure that the car shippers with whom you communicate must know about the status of your car.

  • Whether the car transport company will deliver my car at my door?

Majority of the transporter will be ready to make door delivery of your car but they may charge little extra for that service. If you like you can save some money by receiving your car at the terminal and also drop it at the booking office, you are free to do.

  • Can I able to ship multiple numbers of cars?

Surely you can. As a matter of fact, most car shippers will have your number of cars on their trailers having 8 to 10 cars.

  • Will these transporters ship motorcycles too?

Yes they will.

  • Will I be asked to pay as per my car size?

Surely yes, for larger cars and SUV’s, it will cost little more than a standard sized car. Few SUV’s may be so big that they almost are equal the weight of 2 cars.

  • Whether I need to be available at pick-up and delivery?

Some of the auto transport companies may require either you or any of your representatives be present and also go through inspection and also sign off your vehicles condition. 

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