A Guide for Commuters on Which Means of Transportation to use in UAE

UAE is a place worth living and visiting but it is bit expensive too and if you are a resident here then you might have figured it out on your own. If you are a resident, visitor or a new settler to UAE, you should be aware of the fact that it is full of worth visiting places and you might want to spend each penny on shopping and luxury food. We are no way against you having fun but you need to decide where you can save more and where it is ok to spend more. In UAE, not every worth going place is right next to your home so you might have to spend a lot of money in just reaching your destination while hurting your budget. So we are here giving you a comparison of all transportation means and we suggest every wise Emirati to use Careem promo code Dubai provided by coupon.ae to save money on traveling. Here is our comparison.


Metro buses operate in different parts of UAE and these are usually clean, comfortable and safe. These are almost affordable but time is also money and you might have to spend a lot of time to reach any desired place which will ruin your mood and may be outfit too so choose wisely and metros also need fare cards to pay fare.


Well, there is no doubt that buses take less time than metros and in buses you might have to face less company. In most of the areas the bus network is really wide but buses are also paid fare through cards like Nol or fare cards but and if you want to save your time and no tension of card paying and registering then it’s a no.


It offers you a wide range of services and you can book any luxury or economical ride depending on your choice or need. It offers you more security than other options and you will feel more comfortable. if you still want any more discount then Emiratis can always save on your rides by using Careem promo code Dubai of coupon.ae.


in many places like in Dubai taxis are operated under the road and transport authority of Dubai so these are pretty safe and it does not cost that much. For taxis you don’t have to own a fare card and you can pay on the spot but there is only one issue that you will not get any seasonal or value customer discounts like Careem etc.


This is also a well-known option to be used but it has recently changed its fare plan and now it charges way more than Careem on its static bus fare, waiting charges, distance covered and time taken charges. We advise you to use Careem as on that you can always save huge amounts by using Careem promo code Dubai given by coupon.ae.

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