Yes, We Can Do a Boat Appraisal

The boat you own is your specialty vehicle, just like a custom car or truck. It should be appraised for a variety of reasons, and all the reasons involve protecting your investment. We can do a boat appraisal to help you find the right insurance coverage, sell at the right price and avoid making a mistake when you’re buying a boat. Our appraisers are trained in how to perform appraisals on all types of vehicles, including boats.

You may feel like you’re in your boat and out on the water as often as you are in your home when the weather is good. Your boat is something to protect, and the appraisal provides you with the documentation you need to do so.

You can get quotes from different insurance companies and find the best coverage for the lowest premium when you have an appraisal in-hand. You can also independently verify the value of your vehicle, which can work in your favor because an insurance appraiser may well under-value your vehicle just because they are not as familiar with insuring boats as much as they are appraising cars. Our appraisers may not have access to a database of comparable sales like our appraisers do, so you run the risk of not getting the right amount.

Each of our appraisers has extensive training needed to appraise any type of vehicle well, including boats. They use that knowledge with comparable sales they find in our own current database. This helps them to arrive at an accurate value for your boat.

Should your boat be damaged through no fault of your own, you can get use a diminished value appraisal to submit with your claim to the at-fault party’s insurance company. The diminished value is the difference between the value of the boat before the damage and its worth after the damage occurred.

If you want to sell your boat, an appraisal can help you figure out what to sell it for because the right price can help it sell faster. The appraiser will look at your vehicle very carefully and take many high-resolution photographs. They’ll write down any cosmetic or mechanical problems, and you’ll get a digital and a printed/bound copy of the report.

You need an appraisal if you are thinking about purchasing a boat as well because the appraisal can uncover problems that you may want to use to help you negotiate the price of the boat. You might learn about problems that you want to avoid so you can find a boat somewhere else. Getting a boat appraisal can help you protect your investment in whether you want to sell your boat or want to buy one.

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