What’s The Best Way To Care For Custom Wheels?

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The never-ending battle with having a beautiful car is that the very nature of the vehicle means it will eventually get filthy and begin to break down. This is why it is vital that we take care of our vehicles, especially if you are one who has put a lot of effort into customizing and beautifying your ride. So, what is the best way to take care of your vehicle’s custom wheels? 

Keeping It Clean

Everyone knows that too much dirt and debris building up in your wheels can – if left alone – impact the functionality and safety of your vehicle, but long before it hits that level, it also just makes your vehicle look bad. If you have custom wheels on your vehicle, it means you care about the performance of your vehicle, as well as its aesthetics, so you do not want to let it get to that filthy level. Keeping your custom wheels clean is crucial, but just exactly what the best way to do this depends on the details. A lot of custom wheels come with one of the following finishes, each having its own ideal cleaning method: 

Chrome: While chrome can look brilliant when it is shining, it can be the hardest to keep clean. Chrome custom wheels require you to clean them with a mild cleaner and a microfiber cloth (to avoid scratching the chrome layer). However, you should also follow up with chrome polish. 

Powder and Paint: While these two finishes are very similar, Powder finishes are very easy to scratch and very expensive to repair. So, it is ideal to treat Powder finished custom wheels like you would chrome ones. Rinse the dirt off of these wheels, then apply a gentle cleanser and wash and dry with a microfibre cloth. You can be a little rougher with paint finished custom wheels, but watch for scratches!  

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