Tips for buying a used truck

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If you are unable to afford a new ford truck then the best solution is to buy a second hand truck for your business. There are many models available in Huntsville. You can easily purchase it according your requirements and enjoy more advantages. There are many sellers that provide used trucks for sale Huntsville

Here are some tips that you should follow to ensure that you purchase the best used truck. 

Diesel Matters

Ford trucks are available in two base models as diesel pickups, and gas model. Repair and Maintenance of diesel pickups is more costly than gas models. You must check oil or fuel leakage of a diesel truck’s coolant overflow reservoir. If engine has been repaired previously, then you should get proper knowledge the issue.  


Check the warranty period of the smog system components and the drive train and also check the mileage warranty which is normally covers till 80000 or 8 years. This is an important concern as if you purchase high mileage diesel trucks in which repairs of transmission are out of warranty, engines can be more costly. 

Check the DPF Deletes

Some owners remove the diesel filter, EGR cooler, and remove or block the EGR valve, muffler for increasing the power. These parts are more costly, so you must check these parts during the deal.

Go for a test drive

When you buy a vehicle, you must take a test drive for at least 30 minutes. Check the brakes, accelerator, engine performance, steering wheel, gears shift smoothly.

Transmission checks

You should always pull the dipstick when it is on an automatic transmission mode. If the fluid is reddish and smells then it is perfect, but if it is brownish and has a burned smell then there are some internal issues in the transmission. On the manual transmission, shift the gear into high speed and accelerate to determine clutch’s condition. If the truck is well maintained then there is no chatter or slippage during the ride. 


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