Insurance Customer Service Skills & Customer Service Support – Top Insurance Clients

It is very under emphasized the importance of learning customer service skills to maintain top insurance clients. Without customer service support there is no reason for the insurance customer to give an agent additional business or referrals. See how insurance customer service skills apply to your sales. Selling insurance to a new client is never a one shot deal. Do not miss the boat.

Building insurance customer service skills begin before you leave your new client’s home. You can start this by giving your client the feeling of being able to rely on you. That means you leave all the means of receiving customer service with your client. This includes your email address, website address, business phone number, business address, and your cell phone number if you have one devoted to insurance business. You should have this all pre-printed on a note sheet you give them.

Better yet is worthwhile to have a small brochure made up with your insurance specialization on it, and describe the MAIN benefits you provide. A new client is very likely to lose a business card, but will take care to file your brochure with the new insurance policy. Here is an insurance customer service skill your competitors do not use and you should. On your brochure front-page headline print boldly, “Do not let another insurance agent replace this policy, call me first.” You would be surprised how much fear this will impose in a competitor sneaking in and knocking out your coverage. They know that attempting to do so means the policy owner may contact you, giving you the opportunity to save the work you have done. Moreover, I doubt your competitors have a similar astonishing awareness signal on their card, flyer, or brochure.

The next phase of mastering customer service skills requires the use of transparent recognition and selling. This means communicating with your insurance clients in a timely, consistent manner. There are two key ways to do this. First, is through mailing and second is with emailing. You can pester and irate clients by too much time consuming pressure phone calling. However, it is very difficult to kill a customer with kindness. Kindness is portrayed by a genuine caring about your client, and providing helpful information.

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