How to Find an Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust

It’s common to feel vulnerable and nervous when taking your vehicle in for service. You may feel like you’re at the mercy of the shop and a complex piece of machinery that you don’t really understand. And you’re afraid the bill will be enormous!

That’s why it’s imperative to find an auto repair shop you can trust. In Salt Lake County, just as in many areas, a few major tells can help you decide if an auto repair shop is trustworthy. Consider these questions to be sure about your mechanic.

What’s Their Level of Experience?

An experienced auto repair shop will have the skills to handle most situations that may arise. Just like you don’t want to go to a doctor who’s brand new, a car repair shop that just opened may not be completely reliable.

Be sure to research online to see how long they’ve been in business. And be aware that it could be a new venture for a long-time mechanic who just branched out independently. Feel free to call and ask questions to gauge the company’s level of experience and its mechanics.

Are They Certified?

In your online research, you should be able to uncover any certifications for the shop. A certificate from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or a manufacturer will ensure an auto repair shop in Salt Lake County knows their stuff.

Also, AAA has a network of approved shops that is also a good indication of honesty.

Are Online Reviews Generally Positive?

Now you know what the experts think, what about other customers? Web reviews can be a helpful insight into the character and reliability of an auto repair shop. Check out sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List to get a general idea of how happy people are with the place.

Keep in mind that sometimes the customer doesn’t tell the whole story, though. And remember, people generally don’t leave reviews when they’re satisfied. They leave reviews when they are mad and, less often, thrilled. But evaluating reviews can help.

Also, the BBB has a comprehensive listing of mechanics in your area. The BBB can accredit auto repair shops by undergoing a special evaluation, and the organization assigns letter grades A through F based on customer feedback.

Do They Provide Adequate Information? Explain and estimate

When speaking with your service provider, do they answer all of your questions or make you feel dumb for asking? Are you given paperwork with the estimated work to be done, including an accurate price? No shop should ever do unauthorized work on your vehicle.

And when you talk with your mechanic, do they seem knowledgeable and relaxed? Shifty eyes or an impatient manner may indicate untruthfulness. A quality auto repair shop in Salt Lake County should always be friendly, honest, and helpful.

What’s Your Gut Feeling?

In the end, you may need to go with your gut. A troubling review or a neighbor’s unhappiness with a place may steer you in another direction. If you have any qualms about an auto repair shop, don’t be afraid to go onto the next listing or even the next town. You certainly want to be confident in your choice of mechanic.

Choosing the best auto repair shop in Salt Lake County may not be easy, but it’s certainly better to do the work upfront to find a business you can truly trust. It will be better for now and in the future!

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