How to Buy Best Quality Custom Car Floor Mats for Audi

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Have you just become the proud owner of a brand-new Audi? 

Purchasing a new car, especially of the Audi variety, is a momentous moment in your life.  

Naturally, you want to maintain the pristine condition of your car for as long as possible, and one of the best ways of doing it is buying the best quality custom car floor mats for your Audi.

Why purchase good quality car floor mats for your new Audi?

Your new Audi has obviously come with the premium quality floor carpeting that you would like to admire for some days.

You may also like to put your feet down and feel the quality of the carpeting on your souls. This is perfectly natural.

But once you have enjoyed your premium quality carpeting to your heart’s content, you may realize that the quality of your carpeting has begun to deteriorate within a couple of weeks, or even within a few days.

If you have never sold a car, you will be surprised to know that the quality of your floor carpeting can have a big impact on the resale value of your car.

People who have had this experience often purchase good quality car floor mats simply for this reason. They know that the car floor mats can completely protect and sustain the quality of the floor carpeting that you have received with your new Audi.

Other than maintaining the resale value of your car you may also like to buy custom car floor mats for your Audi for the following reasons:

  • It’s easier to take them out and wash them if something spills on them and they get dirty.
  • They help you maintain the hygiene levels inside your car. 
  • They provide support to your feet.
  • Good quality car floor mats with raised edges prevent liquids from flowing under the car seats and other unreachable corners.

The benefits of purchasing custom car floor mats for your Audi

Every car floor has its own contours – this is true for any car, including a premium car like Audi. For a car floor mat to be effective, that is, perfectly cover all the floor areas that can be damaged by constant impact, it must fit perfectly.

It only fits perfectly if it is custom made according to the peculiarities of your floor area.

Custom-made floor mats don’t leave gaps through which moisture, dust and other elements can seep in. 

In fact, these gaps can keep germs and moisture trapped for a long time and by the time you realize what the problem is, it is often too late. Hence, it is very important that your floor mats are made specifically for your car.

MudSmart can provide you car floor mats that are laser measured. They completely protect the front, back and sides of your vehicle’s footwell. The carpeting is protected by a factory -like, consistently perfect fit.

It is estimated that good quality floor mats can counteract 80% of outdoor soils and other harmful elements from damaging your car floor area. This resistance to damage and soiling can be further increased by tightly closing the gaps through custom fitting.

Tailor-made car floor mats also last longer because they don’t move around much. Since all the gaps are tightly filled, there isn’t much space for the mat to skid.

Difference between custom fit and universal car floor mats

You can purchase universal car floor mats off-the-shelf. They are easier to buy and they are also cheaper compared to custom fit mats. They are mass produced.

A custom fit floor mat on the other hand is cut and designed as per the model of your car, in this case, your Audi.

Unless a brand-new model has been just launched and not many people are privy to how it looks from the inside and how the footwell is designed, it can be easily tailor-made with laser technology.

Buying the best quality custom car floor mats for your Audi

Let’s now find out how to find the best quality car floor mats for Audi.

Although car floor mats are much cheaper compared to your Audi, or even compared to the carpeting that it has come with, changing your car floor mats can be a hassle and therefore, when you are looking for good quality floor mats for your Audi, you should go for custom car floor mats.

Getting custom car floor mats for your Audi isn’t as difficult as it may seem in the beginning. There are many car floor mat sellers who provide custom made car floor mats, such as MudSmart. Our custom fit 3D and 5D car floor mats are tailor made using the laser technology.

How does customization work when it comes to getting tailor-made car floor mats for your Audi?

There are two ways: every Audi comes with its unique model number and every number has specific interior design. When you contact us, you can let us know the model number of your Audi and we can tailor-make your car floor mats using laser technology.

Once you tell us the model number, we just need to feed it in our computer system and the software cuts out the floor mats exactly the way they are to fit on your floor area. 

It is as if the floor area of your Audi has been used as a cast and a liquid has been poured onto it and then allowed to congeal into the perfect shape – this is how precise the custom fit our car floor mats are.

In the rarest of the rare cases we may not have the interior specifications of your body. Then you can send us the measurements and the photographs of your interior floor area and with our experience we can design and build custom car floor mats for your car. With the quality that you get, it’s worth the effort.


Although you are free to get whatever type of car floor mats you want to use inside your Audi but if you get custom-made, laser measured car floor mats they will perfectly fit through all the ups and downs and the subtle nuances of your foot area, protecting every possible corner of your carpeting.


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